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Java / Microsoft Technologies

The Java programming language and the associated Java technologies are the core competencies of SYNERVA. As a key technology for the integration of distributed systems, Java plays a key role during project planning and execution. As a Service Partner of Sun Professional Services, SYNERVA has an experienced team of highly-qualified and certified Java architects and programmers who have employed their knowledge of Java and the different Java technologies in a wide variety of successful IT projects.

The different Microsoft technologies represent an additional development framework which is frequently used by SYNERVA for the implementation of customer projects. Especially in the area of .NET development, SYNERVA has a plethora of experienced developers with a deep knowledge of the .NET development platform. An additional core area remains the development of complex web applications using the ASP and Silverlight technologies. The newly developed Silverlight-Cachè integration represents a technical novelty which has already been used within different projects.