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Intersystems (Caché/Ensemble)

As Europe's largest consulting partner for Intersystems technologies, SYNERVA can present an impressive list of more than 50 successfully implemented reference projects using Caché and Ensemble as the underlying development framework. Most of those projects are large-scale projects which are still on-going. A core area lies in the field of complex migration projects in which existing legacy applications (i.e. MUMPS systems) are migrated to new technologies and concepts.

As part of the realized projects, SYNERVA defined and implemented a well-defined software development process which can easily be adjusted to specific customer needs and requirements. The usage of different software development tools has been identified as an important factor for the success of the customer projects. Those development tools have especially been developed for the usage with Intersystems technologies and have been proven to be extremely valuable in the daily work. Currently, the following software development tools have been implemented by SYNERVA and are distributed through the German office of SYNERVA:

  • CodeControl
  • CodeHide
  • CodeFlow
  • GlobalManager