Welcome to SYNERVA!

The different members of the SYNERVA group are IT service enterprises for software development, consultation, and training with an emphasis on the creation of complex, distributed information systems. With two branch offices in Europe (Germany and Switzerland) and cooperation partners in the US, the main area of SYNERVA's operations is located in Europe and North America. The development of security-critical, certified software which is based on a well-defined, stringent software development process represents an additional core competence (i.e. aeronautical-certified systems for both world-market leaders in the area of aviation/aeronautics).

SYNERVA's services for consulting and support of IT projects range from system and software analysis, evaluation, design, architecture, development, and project management to the design and development of complete systems and applications as well as training courses within the fields of Java/Microsoft technologies, middleware, and database technologies.

SYNERVA's core competencies lie in the development of tailored software solutions for the integration of heterogeneous information systems (individual software). Successful proven concepts, a certified software development process and most modern technologies [cutting edge technologies] are used during the project planning and execution.